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The Ant Queen

A free ebook by Aaron Alexander

The Ant Queen was shared as a free gift by Aaron Alexander in January 2015. 

The book is a beautifully simple routine and a manifesto on engaging audiences with the real power of the human mind.  It has since been used by thousands of speakers and entertainers around the world.

There have been many requests for this book since Aaron went on hiatus and his hosting lapsed, and we are proud to give it a new home at POWA.

From Aaron:

There is an Incredible Hulk comic I faintly remember reading sometime in my childhood or adolescence, something to do with the Hulk having amnesia and working as a bouncer. What stuck with me years on was a subplot where a guy dressed like a medieval minstrel went around magically creating moments of beauty or happiness, like breaking up a fight by making a bickering old couple suddenly see the person they fell in love with again. It had nothing to do with bouncer-Hulk, and was probably a setup for some future issue that I never read.

What struck me was that when I thought about the implications of those powers, it was clear that even in a comic about someone who can punch a brick wall to oblivion faster than a normal human can sneeze, the better super power was from this twerpy minstrel.

What I didn’t know growing up was that this kind of thing is a “power” and a gift that we can actually have in this non-comicbook world, and that it is just one of many. The Ant Queen teaches how to do it.  There is no trick, it is not an illusion. It is 100% genuine, and 100% reliable.

And like when the minstrel breaks up a fight with forgotten love, the ingredients are already there inside of us, mostly forgotten, just waiting to be brought out.

You don’t have to take my word on that because you can just have the book at no cost on one condition: Actually go out and use it at least once. As long as you use it, you are welcome to share the method, the book, and the experience freely. It’s my gift to you, and yours to whomever you choose, in whatever way you choose.

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