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9th May: from 5PM - 10PM Berlin time

10th May: from 5PM - 10PM Berlin time

PLUS 6 weeks of follow-up meetings/lessons

Update: (March 27): We are excited to have the legendary Alain Nu share his professional experience in this course.

Update: (March 20th): since the global coronavirus outbreak,  we are cutting Supernova's price for everyone  and adding Jan's insights on the ways that he has successfully adapted during these times. For the foreseeable future we will have to adapt and Jan will share with you how he has been able to thrive in these times!


Everyone has a different idea of success. But getting there is not just about good techniques or effects or performances or even client outcomes. It takes vision, self-knowledge, strategy, hustle, and support.

What is Supernova?

Supernova is an exclusive live virtual masterclass taught by German bestselling author, speaker, coach, and celebrity entertainer Jan Becker and hosted by Aaron Alexander.

In a span of a few years, Jan went from performing twice a day in a variety show to becoming one of Europe’s most successful entertainers, speakers, and personal coaches.

In Supernova, Jan will teach you how to finally get to explode your career and take your art to the next level by finding your unique message and portray it to the world in the best possible way. You will learn how to create real connection, real magic, real transformation, for yourself and those you work with.

In addition to Jan’s insights, Aaron will teach his approach to applying principles outside of the performing context and expanding the idea of making magic real again.

This seems like a lot to cover in a two half-day sessions.  Which is why the masterclass will not just be 2 days but 6 weeks.  Following the event, students will get weekly personal follow-up support and coaching by Jan, Aaron, and Alain in the form of weekly live virtual meetings/lessons - so that you get the support you need to make the transformations you want.

This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to work directly with one of Europe’s most in-demand entertainers and to learn new material that nobody else has access to.

With Jan, Aaron, and special guest Alain Nu, you will learn:

  • How to grow, perfect, and leverage the right persona for you.
  • How to find where your biggest strengths and gifts meet with your societies' biggest needs

  • How to capture the attention to go big with your work, and hold your frame and message in all circumstances.

  • You will work to understand and focus your uniqueness, and weaponize that into your most powerful message and strategy. 

  • Understanding controversy and why it matters, as well as when and how to create it the right way.
  • How to grow your mindset from  a regular performer to a Rock star!
  • How to work with groups small and large
  • How to embed your real self in your public image.
  • How to handle fans and supporters and why it is so important.
  • How to get recognition from  your paying audience, the Media (TV, Radio and Social) and the World. They will see your talents in an exciting new way.
  • Making real magic and real transformations from the combined experience and research of Aaron, Jan, and Alain
  • ...And much more

You will also be in a virtual room with some of the most creative minds in the mystery arts, to ask questions about their methods, strategies, and new approaches.

Whether you are an entertainer, therapist, coach, or something else entirely, you will find tools and support to amplify your message and help pivot into new areas during these changing times.

In short: You will be more powerful and congruent in your art.  You will be able to ask for much bigger fees. You will have more control of your career and you will be able to take wherever you want.

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Who is Jan Becker?

Jan Becker is a household name in Germany.  Here's just a few of his accomplishments.

Jan Becker has published seven books on the subjects of social healing rituals, hypnosis, and personal development in Germany. All his books are top 10 bestsellers, including two top 1 bestsellers.

Live theatre shows
Jan Becker has done more than 5000 live theatre shows.


  • Jan Becker has won the 2009 German "Phenomenon Show" with Uri Geller
  • Jan Becker has had his own prime time evening show on RTL, Germany's biggest TV station (just look up his name on YouTube!)
  • He is a permanent guest in different TV Talkshows
  • He does hypnotic radio shows around Germany with more than 4 Million listeners per show


  • Jan Becker has hypnotised the City of Berlin at once
  • He has found a small needle that was hidden somewhere in Berlin
  • He was jumping after a Russian roulette routine with parachutes out of an airplane from 4500 meters (~15,000 ft)
  • He drove blindfolded at full speed with Paris Dakar winner Jutta Kleinschmidt on the famous Nurburgring Formula1 racetrack
  • He is mentioned as a curiosity of the world in the German editions of "Ripley's Believe it or Not" not once but twice.
  • He was featured on German TV as one of 6 super-humans, which included a brain scan at the University of Groningen.

Teaching, Coaching, Healing

  • Jan helps people in public seminars how to live the life they want, and how to become their own miracle maker
  • He teaches Doctors, Coaches, and Scientists the Art of Hypnosis
  • In his latest theater show, he plays with the healing aspects of the human mind for an audience of 1000 people per night
  • He does high-end personal coaching for individuals
  • He is trained in the healing art of tengerism from shamans in Mongolia
  • He is known in Germany as one of the best lecturers on finding and spreading your own unique voice in life
  • He is broadly respected and a frequent guest in diverse areas like the arts, political circles, leadership circles, and economic forums
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Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander's work has been featured in some of the top acts in the world by mentalists, magicians, hypnotists, as well as other artists and performers. Many credit Aaron with reigniting their sense of magic and wonder, including Jan, who was moved to share his extensive experience with other performers in this masterclass. 

Aaron is known for an approach that uses no props but the human mind and body, creating experiences that feel like real magic to both those experiencing them and those sharing them. At the root of them all lies his mindset in creating shared moments of wonder with his participants.  Aaron has also applied his talents to research and developing psychiatric protocols, as well as front-line work in health and human services. 

His writing and performances bring together elements of art, science, history, philosophy, and psychology.  He also draws on an extensive background working and training in areas such as restorative justice, addictions, preventive mental health, and personal development.

Update: Special Guest Alain Nu!

Alain Nu has done it all: Headlined across the world, including at top Vegas casinos, starred in his own TV show, publish two books, appear on countless radio and TV shows, and much more.  He will join Supernova students to share his vast experience from decades as a professional entertainer and speaker. 

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Watch the Replay!

On April 3, Jan and Aaron hosted a webinar to talk about the course and about new approaches to building wonder and buisinesses during these changing times.


Jan and Aaron in Action

Jan's latest show, Das Stimme, in which he guides 1000 participants through an epic internal journey, and Aaron showing his unusual no-bend metal "bending" technique to experienced performers, and reigniting their sense of wonder.



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