P.O.W.A. - The Book

P.O.W.A. - Professional Opportunist Wrongless Approach

William Shakespeare, in "As You Like It" wrote, “All the world’s a stage

The Professional Opportunist Wrongless Approach looks at how every aspect of our lives is a performance, whether in conversation with friends and family or presenting a sales seminar for prospective clients.

Author, James Brown, has spent twenty years perfecting his skills as a World-Class Magician, Pick Pocket and Hypnotist.  His unique blend of sensory deception, sleight of hand and con-artistry soon made him one of the most sought after Consultants, Performers and Corporate Trainers.

This is NOT a book about magic but a book about life performance. This is a book about HOW James Brown performs and the POWA mindset he uses. 

You will learn about the Wrongless Approach and how it applies to your business, relationships and performance life. 

Within these pages author, James Brown, has offered up all his performance and personal experience to help YOU overcome fear and perform at your best!

In the POWA book you will learn how to:

  • Build More Confidence
  • Develop a POWA Mindset
  • Overcome Procrastination 
  • Remove FEAR from the equation
  • Perform at your best in Business and Life!


Physical version

There are very few copies left of the physical edition of the book. In order to snatch one, click here: GIVE ME A PHYSICAL COPY!


French version available!

Aussi disponible en français (version digitale seule) ! Lorsque vous achetez le livre en anglais vous pouvez télécharger la version anglaise et française !


Special thanks to Paul French & Ian Rowland for all their work getting this book off the ground