Close Up Magic Lecture 2008

This lecture was filmed live n 2008 at the Dunstable Magic Society UK

During this lecture I share some of the close up effects that have been honed in my professional working life. Everything you see here is TRIED AND TESTED so that you can be certain of magic that WORKS for real people in real situations.

The experience is as usual a part of our academy, so you there's nothing to ship or download and you can ask questions and interact with us!


One Coin Routine - YES! the controversial one! (if you dont know dont ask) THIS IS MY GOTO EFFECT ALWAYS!

Watch Steal- the simple work on the leather strap (see Secrets of Pickpocketing for more)

How to handle being caught! - Worth the price alone!

Band Up! - One of my favourite VISUAL effects

Side Steal explained - Second only to the TOP CHANGE in my favourite sleights

Hofzinser with a twist - A cheeky little number for those who love card magic

Box Clever - The Early Years - You can see the passion I have for this lovely magical theme

Thought of triump and multiple culling - A classic reinvented

Psychic Paper - Any Doctor Who fans in the house?


With over 2 hours of magic effects and invaluable performance tips this may be old in my opinion but its still goooood :)


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