Powa Tribe

Double your gigs in 30 days without relying on more tricks or supernatural talent by learning everything that's missi...

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Reality Bending

A Comprehensive and Honest World Guide to Hypnosis & Suggestion For years we have studied and practiced hyp...

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Secrets of Pickpocketing

POWA Academy is proud to present a world first The Secrets of Pickpocketing course is the first to cover both t...

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P.O.W.A. - The Book

P.O.W.A. - Professional Opportunist Wrongless Approach William Shakespeare, in "As You Like It" wrote, “All th...

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Cerebral Steal

The spectator choses a card and is then made to lose all memory of it! This is then followed by an impossible mind re...

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The spectator freely selects a card, shuffles the pack, places the cards inside the box and finally holds the box tig...

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