Magic, Mentalism and the Mystery Arts

Every product we release is always focused on the soft skills rather than the techniques. And intended to foster Courage, Authenticity and Curiosity in the Performer and the Audience

Reality Bending

Our premium course on how to use suggestions and hypnosis in a NO-BS way 😊 

Secrets of Pickpocketing

The Bible of Misdirection and Theatrical Pickpocketing.

Aaron Alexander - The Edge

Aaron Alexander's Master Opus. Learn the principles behind and how to create "Real Magic".

Powa Live - Fly on the Wall ed.

If you cannot make it to our legendary live events, this is the next big thing.

Aaron Alexander - (p)Sync

An effect that looks and feels like real magic. It is reliable, requires nothing but you to perform, is easy to learn but has skill involved, so that the better you get, the more options are open to you.

Free Products!

Get our free tricks and wet your feet with the Powa Academy approach!

Easy Steal

Learn your first pickpocketing routine disguised as a magic trick!


Hypnosis without hypnosis! Learn how to use suggestions in a safe frame!

Aaron Alexander - The Ant Queen

A beautifully simple routine and a manifesto on engaging audiences with the real power of the human mind.