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Double your gigs in 30 days & start thriving as a professional entertainer!

The online school for performers to learn everything that's missing...

When it comes to building your successful business as a professional entertainer - Powa Tribe shows you how to:

Double your gigs in 30 days without relying on more tricks or supernatural talent by learning everything that's missing from magic to fund your ideal lifestyle...

Build Solid Foundations

Set clear goals, unlock your inner confidence & improve your repertoire so you can perform with ease

Bulletproof Your Business

Sharpen your business & performance skills - build your engaging, charismatic character & market yourself to get more, higher paid bookings

Achieve Total Freedom

Automate your admin & handle your gigs like a pro so you have more free time to enjoy your ideal lifestyle!

Easy to follow success pathway for magicians, mentalists & performers

Our unique step by step pathway will take you from feeling lost and overwhelmed, dependent on tricks and gimmicks and struggling to understand which direction to take your business in to a place where you are unique, motivated and ready to perform, business savvy and free to live the dream life you aspire to.

Climb Your Success Mountain

Following our tried & tested system, you will be able to move forward to reach the top of your Success Mountain!

Powa Tribe is NOT another download or DVD!

Powa Tribe is a living, breathing online school & community for magicians, mentalists, hypnotists & performers.

Take a look at just some of Kenton Knepper's Character Module inside Powa Tribe:

Kenton Knepper, the legend who shaped mentalism with his renowned books, such as: Wonder Words, teaches you how to use suggestion to really connect with your audiences, develop your engaging character and create experiences your audience will remember as REAL MAGIC!

Inside the Tribe you will learn everything you need:

  • The soft skills, including confidence, so you can get out and start performing
  • The tricks and how to turn them into magic by engaging with your audience
  • The suggestion to amplify your magic in the audience's mind
  • The character so you can finally be a unique YOU rather than ‘just another magician’
  • The business skills so you can start building and maintaining your business and start living the dream
  • The inner journey skills so you can understand your own mind, eliminate fear and progress to freedom

All of this in a community environment where you can ask questions, seek advice, get feedback and benefit from the encouragement of the mentors and the other students…

Inside the Tribe - you are not alone!

What you get inside POWA Tribe:

  • How to build a successful business as a professional performer in 9 clear steps
  • 100’s of bite-sized instructional videos, downloadable PDFs and cheatsheets
  • new magic tricks, mentalism, suggestion and hypnosis tutorials
  • exercises to release your inner confidence, develop your character and get more bookings
  • tips and tricks to automate your business admin
  • live coaching webinars answering your questions, with previous guests including Gregory Wilson, Ben Williams, Anthony Jacquin and more
  • bi-directional success training environment
  • access to a bonus vault of information, performance recordings and more
  • ALL future updates and additions included for the life of your membership - we're always adding more content and answering your questions
  • access to our exclusive Facebook Group: "The Gathering" so you can make like-minded friends and learn from each other as well as your teachers and get the feedback you need to improve

Learn at your own pace, wherever you are with Powa Tribe

Being an online school, you can learn entirely at your own pace. Once you are enrolled you will have access to all the training resources 24/7 - at home or on the go.

Powa Tribe works great on any device with internet

The POWA Tribe membership area is super easy to navigate and use on any smart phone, tablet or computer with a good internet connection, wherever you are in the world!

Powa Tribe

The only thing you need to be the performers you want to be!

Meet your teachers & mentors

Here's a list of just some of the teachers & mentors you will be interacting with in the Tribe. More to come!

James Brown

Professional Opportunist - magician, pickpocket & hypnotist - learn the Professional Opportunist Wrongless Approach to release your inner confidence

Kenton Knepper

The Legend. With his "Wonder Words" re-wrote Mentalism. Learn how to use suggestion to engage with your audiences & create real magic in their minds

Oliver Parker

Oliver will teach you everything you need to know to design your ideal lifestyle funded entirely by magic, as he's been doing for years ;)

Daniele "The Shaman" Sicorace

Illusionist, counselor, psychologist. Danny takes you on an inner journey to conquer your biggest enemy: FEAR

Chris Piercy

The business master. You will learn how to set up and maintain a website, tackle social media and more to run a successful performing business.

Samuele "Zamu" Zucca

Back to basics with card, coin, rope, Rubik's cube magic... but most importantly, Zamu will teach you how & why you don't need 1000's of tricks!

Simone Ravenda

Simone will share with you his secrets in mentalism & creating your own character.

Ben Williams

Original Magic creator - Ben shares his journey becoming a professional magician & teaches you some of his unique creations!

Anthony Jacquin

Author of Reality is Plastic - Anthony leads a series in hypnosis & integrating suggestion into your performance and asks deep questions that will help you realize who your character is

A little extract of what's inside the Tribe...

James Brown - Professional Opportunist Wrongless Approach 101

  • Confidence, where it comes from and what it WILL do for you
  • The Wrongless Approach - how to be a professional opportunist and stop worrying about failure turning each moment into the perfect outcome
  • Misdirection… the heartbeat of magic
  • James will also be sharing some updates on his own personal professional repertoire

Kenton Knepper - Suggestion 101

  • Power of Suggestion & Imagination
  • How to connect deeply with your audience using suggestion
    Influence & stage management through suggestion
  • Indirection - A powerful tool no-one talks about yet it’s extremely sneaky and WILL change everything!
  • Wonder Words
  • Suggestion & movement

Oliver Parker - Living the Dream

  • Oliver will teach you how he’s travelled the world funded by his love of magic & making people happy!
  • Share invaluable insights he’s learned the hard way so you don't have to!
  • Improve your performance & your business
  • Create an enjoyable future for yourself: more free time with loved ones, travel, look after your health and enjoy your life!
  • Plus - share some of his favourite performance pieces from the real world

Daniele Sicorace - Know Thyself

  • Danny is going to walk you through a deep journey of self discovery
  • Learn to understand yourself, to listen to yourself, to start building up your skills from within
  • Going to use the latest researches and discoveries on how the mind works to better improve and live a more fulfilled life/work-life

...This is just a tiny extract of what's inside the Tribe

Not only that, we keep adding new videos following our "Performer's Path" and to answer any of your questions. So once you are enrolled, like a proper school, all the future tuition and new material is included for the lifetime of your membership!


STARTING OUT? - We've got your back

Of course, if you are already getting some work as a magician you can easily see how Powa Tribe is a great investment to improve your all round skills, get even more gigs & start increasing your fees... But if you're just starting to make the transition from hobbyist to pro, Oliver’s modules will show you exactly what to do to get your first paid gig in the first month and to continue the momentum, so that this investment will more than pay for itself!

Choose your plan

You can pay monthly or you can save 20% and pay annually!












Legendary 7 day FULL MONEY BACK guarantee

There's nothing at risk here. Either Powa Tribe will elevate your magic and career, or you can ask for all the money back within 7 days of the first time you enroll in the Tribe.


Is the Tribe really for me?
Absolutely! Regardless of where you are in the business of magic, from someone just starting out and lacking the confidence to even venture beyond the bedroom mirror to someone who’s been performing magic for years, Powa Tribe is a clear pathway and a community that will help and nurture you to success. 
Also, regardless of your style of magic, the soft skills we teach are the same for every performer.
Sure, the Toolkit module is more geared towards magicians, Simone Ravenda's one more for the mentalists, but again this is so much more than just a trick repository.
This is a journey to become a better and fulfilled performer.

Will I pay extra for future updates? 
NO! Just like Netflix, once you are inside, you become part of the family, and as such you are going to get any extra training videos and material we add to our performer's path absolutely free.
We're regularly adding new content, finding new teachers and hosting live webinars!

Can I work at my own pace?
Yes! … Everything is available for you right from the start so that you can work through at your own pace, dipping in and out, reviewing the lessons again and again so you can really understand each lesson's content. 
By following our Performer's Pathway you'll know what steps to take to avoid confusion and feeling overwhelmed!

Can I cancel anytime?
Sure, it's really simple, if for any reason you decide to leave the Tribe there's a button inside your personal settings area. No hard feelings.
Of course, should you then decide to join again, we cannot give you the special price you are getting now.

Can I download/keep the videos?
No. This is like Netflix, you have access to a living and moving community. Each video is streamed so you can access from anywhere in the world with a good connection (videos are all optimized to reduce data usage). Plus, because this is a dynamic community, we often change and update videos in order to give the best learning strategy. Under each video there is a comments section so you can ask specific questions and get feedback from your tutors AND other students. 
What you can download and keep are the extra documents attached to some lessons, like eBooks etc.

Is the guarantee legit? 
The POWA Academy 7 day money back guarantee has almost legendary status in the magic community…
There's NOTHING like this in the magic world.
We are so sure and proud of our creations that we give TOTAL peace of mind to our students.
Have FULL access to our products for 7 days knowing that at any time and for any reason you can get ALL of your money back… we even absorb the transaction fees. While other companies give zero guarantee on their products believing that the SECRET is everything - we believe that this knowledge is really the ‘empty safe’ and that the true value is found in the soft skills, the mentorship and the success environment. THIS is what we are offering. As a result we want to remove ANY friction from your decision and give you the confidence to purchase because we stand 100% behind what we do… and so will you.

POWA Tribe Testimonials

Tal Coward

"Powa Tribe is an absolutely fantastic resource.

It gives you access to the advice and guidance from a whole host of professional magicians on topics ranging from presentation skills to tips on running your business!"


Greg Holroyd

"Since joining I've doubled my income, which needless to say has taken so much stress off paying bills!
...So in my opinion, Powa Tribe is the best business/magic learning platform out there on the market...
I'm seeing the results that are just ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!"


Rich Reynolds

"I've been a member for about 2 years now and it's seen me in the transition from part time magician to actually full time magician.

The priceless lessons in the Powa Tribe have really helped me make that transition and I'm forever thankful"


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