Secrets of Pickpocketing

The beginners guide to master the Art of the Steal


Your magic, mentalism and hypnosis will change forever!

  • If you are a magician searching for a genuinely impromptu tool…
  • If you want a skill that goes beyond ‘just stealing’ and enhances ALL your magic
  • If you want more than JUST technique…
  • If you want to know how easy PICKPOCKETING really is…

you are about to discover a revolutionary training program that will share with you EVERYTHING you need to know about developing as a pickpocket.
Rather than JUST focusing on the technical side, this course goes into detail on the subjects that REALLY matter:

  • confidence
  • misdirection
  • mindset

Most importantly of all, this course gives you the FOUNDATIONAL TOOLS that will benefit EVERY area of your performance life.

My story is like many others…
I started by believing the only thing that mattered was technique… this led me to disaster…

After one particular fail moment when a spectator burned EVERY move, I realized that technique was only one part of a bigger picture…
I realized there was something missing

I continued reading every book, watching every video on the subject but could never shake the feeling that something was wrong.
How come, no matter how much I practiced the techniques, I would still get caught more often than not?

One day I realized the problem… I knew what was wrong!

Technique was only one of 3 elements that makes up pickpocketing… and the least important! 

From this we created Secrets of Pickpocketing: a comprehensive guide to the Art of the Steal.

In this online training (nothing to ship, nothing to download) we will equip you with the knowledge, mindset and confidence to grow as a theatrical pickpocket.


You will learn all the ingredients that you need to make pickpocketing easy to learn and so much fun that you’ll want to jump straight in! 😁

Here's what you'll learn inside the coure

#1 - Firm Foundations - You will master the fundamentals of pickpocketing, confidence, mindset etc, so that you can start applying them to your performances immediately

#2 - From A to Z - No prior knowledge or skill required. Even if you’ve been performing for years there is something here for you. 

#3 - Ingredients - We will teach you ALL the ingredients SO you’ll be able to use them in any context… It doesn’t JUST have to be about playing the thief!

#4 - Live footage - You'll see lengthy footage (with audio commentary) of real performances in the streets and in bars, detailing what really was going on so that you will have a perfectly clear understanding… as if you were right there with us!

#5 - The Good and the Bad - You’ll learn from ALL our experience… we’ll share the good and the bad… the truth, without sugar coating.

#6 - Skills - You’ll learn the techniques BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY… HOW to use them smoothly and imperceptibly

#7 - More than 6 hours of content - The most comprehensive resource on pickpocketing. Period. 

#8 - Online Anywhere - This online course is available to you immediately, nothing to ship. The lessons can be viewed on your computer, tablet and even your smartphone!

#9 - PRO version - Access to the best magic of James Brown! Yes, you will get the 2008 Magic Lecture, "Snatch" - one great utility move and 4 solid crowd pleasers, "Box Clever" - a training ground for your misdirection skills, and "Cerebral Steal" - what has become a modern day classic of the suggestion . PLUS, you’ll get my POWA book, crammed full of tools for everyday living.

Choose your Experience!




  • Foundations Module ($197)
  • Action! Module ($197)
  • In the trenches Module ($397)
  • Q&A under each lesson ($INVALUABLE)
  • "Sleep well!" 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

More than 6 hours of content!





  • Foundations Module ($197)
  • Action! Module ($197)
  • In the trenches Module ($397)
  • Q&A under each lesson ($INVALUABLE)
  • "Sleep well!" 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • BONUS #1: Box Clever trick ($17)
  • BONUS #2: Snatch! and Cerebral Steal ($54)
  • BONUS #3: James Close-up Magic Lecture ($37)
  • BONUS #4: Professional Opportunist Wrongless Approach Digital Book ($17)

More than 8 hours of content!


There's absolutely no risk

This is THE most revolutionary course on pickpocketing, but you don't have to take my word for it. POWA is renowned to ALWAYS stand by their unbeatable, never-before-seen in magic, 100%, 7-day, no-question-asked guarantee. If, for whatever reason you decide this course isn't for you, you can send an email in 7 days to our lovely support team asking for a complete refund!