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Secrets of Pickpocketing

  • Secrets of Pickpocketing - Inner Core ($997 Value)
  • The Bible of Pickpocketing ($1497 Value)
  • Bi-direction Learning Environment ($297 Value)
  • In the Trenches module ($997 Value)
  • Bristol Live Training recordings¬†($297 Value)
  • Box Clever / Cerebral Steal / Live Magic Lecture / Snatch!¬†($197 Value)
  • Professional Opportunist Wrongless Approach book ($INVALUABLE)
  • Legendary 7 day no question asked guarantee

What People Are Saying:

It's not fair James, I've been picking pockets for over 12 years now and your course has forced me to re-think almost everything I do. It's very annoying. And what about all the magicians who haven't been picking pockets? They'll all be getting top class tuition now, on not only the moves but the psychology, and then you give them the confidence to do it too! That's disgraceful. They'll be coming out of the wood work now. Seriously though... Whenever magicians asked me to recommend resources on learning to pick pockets I would always say "Ricki Dunn's book and a ton of practice is all you need". Now I believe... after reading and viewing every pickpocket resource available, your course is without doubt the best. I wish this course was there when I started, it would have given me a 5 year kick-start. Fantastic job. Delighted to see it going so well. Congrats to Daniele also. I can tell a lot of heart went into this project. And the result is wonderful. You should both be very proud.

Brian Daly

This is by far the best source to learn the real thing. I've read all the books, watched all the videos and even visited a seminar before I got this. I learned so much that I just can't recommend it enough. If I would have watched this before I could have saved lots of money on all the books, dvds and the seminar because POWA Academy is just brilliant. Sign up Guys! it's worth three times its price!

Mario Westerwelle

Besides Reality Bending being excellent to put you in the mindset to basically bending the person's mind making them believe what you're doing is how you just explained it, I think pickpocketing will also do a great deal to improving a person's magic as well. These both combined together, I see it as a manual to making magicians become great whether they are beginners or advanced, they should take a look. This is a gold mine for magicians, this is the art of magic broken down with pickpocketing and the tools to waver a person's mind at will as a bonus. It's just a truly remarkable project you guys have on your academy.

Yong Guan

I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what I thought of your pickpocketing course. I've invested in a few others, videos and books, and always knew that for the most part they were tackling the Technique but not why, such as the psychology behind why a certain steal works. Well, what a breath of fresh air. Your course deals with EVERYTHING. The technique, the psychology, the cover, practice, attitude. . . you got it all. I think that your course is the greatest all-in-one pickpocketing course I have ever seen. Thank you so much for your time and effort to put out a truly great course. The videos are top notch, clear, and easy to understand. You have my highest recommendation as being the finest course in this corner of the performance arts. Well done!


Your course is without doubt the best! I wish this course was there when I started, it would have given me a 5 year kick-start. Fantastic job!