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Powa Live - Fly on the Wall Edition

The next big thing to our legendary live events...

Since the virus has shut down live events like we love so much at Powa, we are offering you the next best thing: Footage from behind closed doors at our last exclusive live event in Thailand. 

Powa events are themselves very special, and we are going to try to share some of this magic through footage from these events.  Originally taken for archive purposes, this footage allows you to be a fly on the wall learning with James Brown and Aaron Alexander as they teach how to create miracles and a sense of wonder in everything you do!

What you get:

Aaron Alexander - Building Worlds Together

Aaron shares his unique approach to creating moments of real magic, including his background and what brought him to the art, as well as the theoretical underpinnings of what makes real magic work and why it matters.  He demonstrates these principles in action through two [three?] methods:

The Invisible Rope.  Aaron uses an “invisible rope” as an example of how perception works and how to shift it.  For the first time on video, he shows how he extends the routine in performance, such as by binding hands or tying audience members together. 

Tap and Ask. While The Invisible Rope is about tightly steering an experience in a theatrical setting, Tap and Ask is the opposite: letting a surreal experience emerge and become whatever it is, and then directing it into the seemingly impossible.  The technique lends well to both conversational and lecture settings.

The Ant Queen.  Aaron teaches his method for creating moments of happiness conversationally, and in a presentation where positive feelings wash over an audience. 

As well as discussion on a wide ranging of topics including belief and perception, and the art and science of how we build worlds together.   


James Brown: Magic and Reality Bending

James dives deep into the fundamentals and theory of magic, hypnosis, and reality bending, including the foundations of confidence, misdirection, attention, and playfulness. This includes:   

A fun and engaging routine in which you can demonstrate analgesia through waking suggestion.              

A lecture on authenticity and the philosophy of magic, including discussion of character, audience management, and engagement, and demonstrated through various routines.

A demonstration of using visual anchors in a casual setting for conversational effects.

A masterclass in Slidini’s “paper balls over head” that turns it from a gag routine to something miraculous.

A Reality Bending approach to classic suggestion effects

A discussion of “Urban Chaos” method of bringing out play and creativity. 

A jam session on nuances of performing magic.

…And more!


BONUS 1 - Additional Material

Snippets of practice, discussion, pearls of wisdom, and playful shenanigans, which all happen at our live events!


BONUS 2 - Reality Bending!

You are going to get our premium course on suggestion and hypnosis, Reality Bending, included for free so you can integrate it and start playing with suggestions right away ($397 value!)