First Live Emotional Impact System Demo - RSVP

Particularly now, with more meetings happening online and over the phone, you might be wondering how to spot sensitivities in people you talk to when you can just hear them.


In this week’s Live Demo, Paul showed how much information and understanding you can gain just by paying attention to RSVP. That is





When you can only listen to someone, watch out for changes in the “music” of their speech pattern. Are they switching from speaking quite fluently to  - a – very – staccato – rhythm? It is usually a good sign of cognitive overload, and you might want to dig deeper to understand the reason for that.

Are they talking faster/slower, louder/more quietly, higher/lower? Everything you notice is data you can use to gain insights. At this stage, you might be wondering how to interpret what you observe. You should first start with a baseline. Listen to how they usually talk, e.g., while doing some small talk before...

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