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First Live Emotional Impact System Demo - RSVP

emotional impact system live demo Jun 14, 2020

Particularly now, with more meetings happening online and over the phone, you might be wondering how to spot sensitivities in people you talk to when you can just hear them.


In this week’s Live Demo, Paul showed how much information and understanding you can gain just by paying attention to RSVP. That is





When you can only listen to someone, watch out for changes in the “music” of their speech pattern. Are they switching from speaking quite fluently to  - a – very – staccato – rhythm? It is usually a good sign of cognitive overload, and you might want to dig deeper to understand the reason for that.

Are they talking faster/slower, louder/more quietly, higher/lower? Everything you notice is data you can use to gain insights. At this stage, you might be wondering how to interpret what you observe. You should first start with a baseline. Listen to how they usually talk, e.g., while doing some small talk before “talking business.” Ask them for things they like and don’t like to get an idea, what they sound like in these situations. However, if in doubt, just notice deviations, and then gently guide the conversation back to see, whether scratching the surface might reveal a whole lot more, waiting below it.

An excellent way to practice this is taking pen and paper and just drawing a line while the other person talks, following their voice. If their voice (and hence your line) goes up or down, circle that, and note down the topic you were talking about. By later checking back in on these topics, you can start to get a better understanding of how you can interpret your observations.


Remember, while sixth sense techniques like these are beneficial to move people ethically from A to B, there is much more to DeepTuning with others. It would help if you started from a place of safety (Safe Haven) to be able to communicate openly and be receptive to such signals.


In our Facebook group, the “Emotional Impact Tribe”, we will soon post a video for you to practice spotting areas of sensitivity by listening to people, so keep your eyes open for that:

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If you want to get clear on how to implement the system in your specific situation, or if you want to know how the Emotional Impact System can improve your business/personal life, we are offering free 30 min strategy calls, where we sit down with you and examine your situation. This will give you all the clarity you need on the next steps you should be taking to start moving and reading people ethically for maximum impact.

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