We have gotten a lot of emails lately with questions and confusion about people's copies of The Edge.
In short, if you did not join some years ago through POWA, you are being offered some bootleg videos of various lectures by Aaron, which are being sold as The Edge on several websites. Often for over $100.
The Edge is a semi-live online course and community, not a one-off product. We are not looking to grow this community right now.
We are sorry to hear that so many people are being misled. We recognize that both creators and fans lose money and trust over these sorts of things. We do what we can to reduce that harm.
Modern internet piracy has slick, legitimate-looking storefronts and good SEO. It is easy to accidentally buy something is not what you thought it was, or that is being sold by someone who stole it from the creator. It happens to the best of us.
You can find actual products non-bootlegged lectures by Aaron on his POWA Page

The Edge: Creating Real Magic in the Modern Age. With Aaron Alexander

No tricks, no lies, (no spells), Real Magic.

We asked our members who they wanted to learn more from, and one answer was overwhelming: Aaron Alexander.

Aaron Alexander may well be the most sought after author in the mystery art community.  His work has been featured in some of the top acts in the world by mentalists, magicians, hypnotists, as well as other artists and performers.

After coming out with "Pygmalion Effects: Reality as an Art" years ago and causing an earthquake for his approach to "real magic", he disappeared.

During this time, he kept working on his past effects, and creating new ones.

We are excited to announce that over the past months we have been working with Aaron to put the best parts of his new and old work together into a single course

We are kickstarting this project with early-bird signups from those members who are especially excited to get in on this material.    

Too often we as performers are fed the idea that we need to buy the next technique, prop, trick, effect, book, to be any good.  We spend a lot of money, time and energy following the next shiny object, but we are also constantly blinded by the real source of "real magic": the human mind and interaction.

Aaron is known to create effects that use no props but the human mind and body, and seem to defy any possible logic. At the root of them all lies his mindset in creating shared moments of wonder with his participants.

The focus will not be on making you dependent on us for effects though, but to teach you the ideas and principles that allow to build your own and adapt them to whatever art you practice. You will acquire a new mindset and new tools, allowing you to evolve your current art to unthinkable levels.  You will be showing something that people recognize as real and unfakable.


Is this only for magicians/hypnotists/mentalists?

No, this course will be of immense benefit for anybody who wants to create for others or for themselves the joy of experiencing a sense of the magical, like when we were kids. Usually a performance setting is the perfect scenario where you can apply this principles for obvious reasons, but ideally you can (and you should) use these principles with your everyday interactions. 

Everybody that has to relate in a deep and meaningful with somebody else will benefit immensely from these principles.  In fact, some of the most interest in Aaron’s past work was from teachers and therapists.


Will it suit my style of performing?

Of course. Being this a "naked" method, you can dress it as you like.


Exclusive ongoing coaching

This course will include ongoing coaching by Aaron himself. You will have access to an exclusive, private community PLUS you will have a monthly webinar where you can have live interactions with Aaron himself.


Human logOS

We are also adding  Human logOS, Powa model of the mind that's like having the missing instruction manual. You will also learn it, and how you can "read" The Edge through its lens!


"Aaron has what I can best describe as a genetically implanted understanding of how to wed psychology, physiology and language. He wields his skills with obvious good intent and minimal ego; the results of this are apparent on the faces and in the words of his participants."

Dr. Bill Cushman

"Unequivocally, Aaron is the man other people pretend to be. I can't recommend his work enough."

Atlas Brookings

"Aaron Alexander is an amazing talent and his work is almost too good to be true. His unique personal approach to the art of performance has very few comparisons and practically no competition or equals that I’ve ever seen."

Jerome Finley

"I can assure you that Aaron is someone who is able to demonstrate every method he teaches and every claim he makes, in any situation. Indeed, since learning and rehearsing his methods, I've been successfully pulling, pushing and connecting with people in ways previously I never thought possible."

Keith Barry

"I have a mysterious friend who can do things that most people cannot. He does not necessarily deceive you, so you cannot call him a magician. Yet he will do things to people who he just meets that affects them in a positively unusual manner. His performances are filled with impossible happenings. His name is Aaron Alexander."

Alain Nu

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