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Aaron Alexander

Aaron Alexander has a unique approach to creating mind-bending experiences that look and feel like real magic both to those experiencing them and those performing them.  Since sharing some of these ideas through his books Reality as an Art and Bridge, his work has been featured in some of the top acts in the world by mentalists, magicians, hypnotists, as well as other artists and performers. Many among them credit Aaron with reigniting their sense of magic and wonder.

Aaron's approach weaves together elements of art, science, history, philosophy, and psychology.  His talks and performances around the world range from academic lectures to doctors and scientists, to keynote speaking, to theater and corporate stage shows. He has assisted in creating novel psychiatric approaches to psychosomatic illness, trauma, and difficult to treat patients in clinical settings. He also draws on a diverse background in change work, including youth work, addictions, and directing a world-renowned restorative justice organization, as well as running a range of high-end personal and professional development courses.

Aaron is currently completing a master's degree in counseling psychology with a focus on how to design prevention-based programs in mental health, developing strengths and capacities instead of intervening at the point of crises. 

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Keith Barry

“[Aaron] is someone who is able to demonstrate every method he teaches and every claim he makes, in any situation. Indeed, since learning and rehearsing his methods, I've been successfully pulling, pushing and connecting with people in ways previously I never thought possible.”

Keith Barry is a renowned entertainer who has starred in dozens of television series and specials, appeared on countless talk shows, and has performed live for millions around the globe. With over 25,000,000 views across platforms, his TED Talk is one of the most-watched of all time.

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Alain Nu

“I have a mysterious friend who can do things that most people cannot.  He does not necessarily deceive you, so you cannot call him a magician. Yet he will do things to people who he just meets that affects them in a positively unusual manner. His performances are filled with impossible happenings.  His name is Aaron Alexander.”

From the book State of Mind. Alain Nu is an American mentalist, illusionist, frequent Vegas headliner, television star, author, and speaker.

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Jan Becker

"What a beautiful way to perform. This is the way to go.  Everyone should move in this direction when they are serious about their life and magic. I open and close my show with Aaron's pieces, and the people leave with big smiles on their faces.  Thanks Aaron for being so enthusiastic about psychology and our soul. Go on and inspire the world!"

Jan Becker is a German entertainer, television star and seven-time bestselling author on subjects of psychology and personal development.


Aaron shows how universal the experience of wonder is, with the help of unsuspecting Chicagoans

Mind Bending Metal

Professional metal benders get to see their mind bend instead of the metal...

Keith Barry is Not a Pet Psychic

Keith promotes Now You See Me 2 with a technique that some fans will recognize

Anthony Jaquin Interview

The author of Reality is Plastic and Co-director of Jacquin Hypnosis Academy interviews Aaron

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Psync is a unique performance technique.  What looks at first like a magic trick is revealed as a demonstration of the real way that humans connect to each other.

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A Piece of My World

An honest magical moment where a participant suddenly and unexpectedly feels a wave of joy flow through them.  Explaining how and why it happens only makes it better.

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Live Events

Live events with POWA are held twice per year, while Aaron has several of his own during the year.  As of March 1, 2020, all live events are on hold due to coronavirus.  Here are some videos from past events.

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Bridge (external link)

Two people connect in a seemingly impossible way.  No tricks, no lies, just magical connection on and off stage.

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Reality as an Art (external link)

A textbook on how to bend reality to create something indistinguishable from real magic with anyone. 

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Antithesis (coming soon)

In Antithesis: Real magic in the Age of Illusion, Aaron shares what real magic means and how to create it.

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The Ant Queen

Share the real magic of the human mind. 

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