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A magical moment without a trick.  Right when people need it the most.

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A Piece of My World: What is it?

A Piece of My World teaches something that feels like the best kind of magic trick, but there is no trick to it. Someone suddenly and unexpectedly feels a wave of joy flow through them.  Explaining how and why it happens does not take away from the effect — in fact it adds to it.

Powerful, reliable, no experience required.  Video and text instruction.  Everything you need to have an engaging and enchanting tool in your toolbelt for life.



Praise for the Technique

With [this method] you can close your performance with a big emotional 'kicker' of the Beauty of life. Imagine standing on big stage, touching your own shoulder and in this moment a rush goes thru the whole audience and the whole auditorium is smiling and feeling absolutely Happy! Curtain closes!

-Jan Becker, German entertainer, speaker, and 8-time bestselling author

This is simply marvellous. It is fitting as a stand alone piece or as part of a larger demonstration. I love the pure and clean thinking behind this and the metaphor of the Ant Queen. Sublime...

-Dr. Todd Landman, author, academic and modern mystic, speaker and entertainer.

[The process] can be handled so smoothly that it will almost feel non-existent. In some ways, it will seem almost like real magic, so long as you are capable of engaging your volunteer enough to give them the opportunity to feel that sensation of something completely impossible happening.

-Alain Nu, Entertainer, Author, TV Star, describing the method in his book The Mysterious World of Alain Nu

Here Aaron has taken something that many people are familiar with, and used it to further push the envelope of possibility .... it also leaves the spectator with a unique and positive experience which they will cherish for many years

-Keith Barry, Entertainer, coach, TV star, and one of the most-watched TED speakers of all time.

This little piece is awesome...That is real magic in my opinion, something that translates beyond what is the average or even amazing effect people seem to want to bring out. Aaron has really given something special here and I am happy to support him every way I can, not because of his random act of kindness, but because his vision of what this kind of work could be in the right hands is inspiring.

-Jacob Smith, performer and owner of Life on a Lens, LLC

A lovely concept, perfect for friendly or social situations where deceptive tactics or covert manipulation might undermine the implicit social contract.  After I read it, my seven-year-old daughter wandered by. I tried it with her. A moment later we were both laughing and smiling. This whole project is just delightful.”

-Scott Walsh, PhD,  doctoral researcher of theatrical mind reading and mind control,

If you're new to this kind of work, you'll get to learn from someone who really understands how to create alternate realities for people where anything is possible. If you're experienced, you'll happily find that Aaron's approach is fresh in the best way possible. If you want to expand your understanding of the mind and  create a memorable and positive experience for your audiences and anyone you come into contact, get APOMW and thank me later.

- Lance Sinclair, mentalist and hypnotherapist

Background and details

In 2015, Aaron shared a short booklet called “The Ant Queen.”  In it, he taught a variation of an “anchoring” technique and showed that this somewhat obscure psychological method was actually more beautiful and interesting than originally imagined. 

APOMW takes that same simple premise to new heights and depths.  After years of requests for elaboration and video footage of doing the method and variants, here is a full instruction including multiple variations such as a group version where a wave of happiness spreads over the crowd, how to engage with resistant were skeptical participants, and discussion as to how it is that a method that uses no props or outs can be completely reliable in the context of a performance.  Also includes a template for a 30-minute talk and performance on psychology and the mind. 

The method was originally designed for mystery performers like magicians, hypnotists, and mentalists who work in the domain of perception and showcasing the power of the mind, but so as to engage audiences with with no sense of coercion, trickery, or domination, that sometimes accompanies those arts.  That is possible because all you are doing is honestly showing somebody a power that we all have when we are connected to ourselves and each other, but in such a way that it strikes them suddenly and magically. The level of skill required is minimal, and it has been successfully learned by lots of people with no experience performing.  The method could easily be used as a performance piece for stage or television, or as a party trick, or even as an experience to share as part of an interesting conversation.

Book+Video - $75 -  Includes:

  • A 60-page ebook, packed with original content.
  • New sections on the practicality, pragmatics, and importance of this type of performance today, and ways to use it that branch out of the traditional performance context.
  • A chapter on the interpersonal dynamics of using the method across a variety of situations, based on 10 years of experience using it.
  • A full routine showing how to use the technique as part of an audience-level performance where, in the course of an interactive stage demonstration with a volunteer, a wave of joy suddenly washes over the entire crowd.
  • A full routine by the legendary mentalist Timon Kraus, in which a paper rose and a story become part of an impossible experience wherein a piece of paper becomes charged with a memory.  
  • "A Piece of my World," a full 30-minute presentation and demonstration built around a core premise that can inspire awe and wonder in the human mind, without any deceptions.
  • If there is demand for a physical copy, ebook owners will be able to purchase a print copy at cost, only pay printing and shipping.  
  • A short primer on some core elements of theory that will help you to get the most out of both the book and the video demonstrations.
  • A complete session from POWA live Vancouver, demonstrating the technique, showing practice, troubleshooting, and a talk on how it works and why it matters in a bigger picture.
  • 2 videos on performing the routine over video/zoom, including a primer on why it works and why it matters, a demonstration, and a discussion on digital performance with Alain Nu.
  • A total of at least five live, unscripted, and genuine performances in all different contexts, including 1-1, group, online, etc. See how casual the approach can be, and different varieties and uses.
  • A short instructional video from 2015 which includes two full live performances and commentary, including from the demonstrations shown in the promotional video.
  • Being able to see it is a completely different experience. Taken together, the book and video give a complete picture of how to use this tool, forever, in any context.
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