Freedom of being Yourself

Reach your full potential and live the Life you deserve without any self-sabotage in business, relationships and personal life

The 3 Qualities of a Powa Hero

Most of the problems in Business and Personal Life are coming from going for the quick fix. From focusing on the symptoms instead of the cause. We want to show another way. The Real Way.


You can reach your full Potential only when you are in sync and expressing your true, beautiful inner Self.


Being curious is the key to foster your inner true self and to keep exploring all the opportunities in front of you


Fear is your worst enemy and your best friend. Learning how to face Fear and use it to your advantage is the most critical skill to reach your goals.


Through Magic you can easily create a sacred and safe space and invite people in to experience the Inner Child Wonder once again.

That's why at Powa Academy we also teach the Mystery Arts of Magic and Mentalism. If you are interested in learning more, head to the magic section!

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To reach your full Potential you have to get full Emotional Independence.

All your problems stem from an emotional attachment to an idea. Conquer the fear underlying it and everything will flow around you.

The Powa System is a complete framework that is designed to rewire your self-sabotaging, subconscious patterns to help you reach your full potential in Business and personal Life

Procrastination and Lack of Productivity

Often we try to solve Procrastination with productivity hacks/tricks. Ultimately they seldom work, because to get rid of Procrastination once and for all we have to deal with the emotional wiring underlying it.

Unfulfilling and Toxic Relationships

An endless stream of stale, always identical relationships plagued by the same toxic scripts. Only when we reach Emotional Independence we can finally (and naturally!) find and thrive in a fulfilling relationship.

Stress and Overwhelm

Modern life is full of stress, leading to overwhelm and dysfunctional behaviors. When you break the chains and evolve your coping mechanisms, you can actually use stress to become antifragile and take advantage of every opportunity that Life throws at you.

"It was actually one of the best life choices that I think I’ve ever made"

Tristan Harris, the mind behind the Netflix special "Social Dilemma", summarized his experience of our Powa Live event during an interview with Tim Ferriss.