Freedom to Perform

Using The Quirks Of The Human Mind To Create Joy In Others And Live Life To The Full Via The Entertaining Use Of Magic, Con Artistry And Suggestion

Here at POWA ACADEMY we believe that our purpose in the world is to spread joy and create happiness in everyone we meet. We believe that EVERYONE should experience wonder in their life and that happiness is a virus worth spreading! For us, money is not the reason it’s the reward… the reason is found in the real connections we make along the way.

Whether we are helping magicians to develop more confidence, understand how misdirection and attention management can enhance their performance, or teaching hypnotists how to better utilise suggestion and the power of belief… at the core of POWA ACADEMY we simply want to help you FIND THE FUN in everything you do. 

Meet the Founders

James Brown

The Professional Opportunist

James is a speaker, performer and author with over 20 years experience 

Daniele Sicorace

The Shaman

Powa's tech genius is also an accomplished performer, psychologist and counsellor 


Reality Bending

A Comprehensive and Honest World Guide to Hypnosis & Suggestion For years we have studied and practiced hyp...

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Secrets of Pickpocketing

POWA Academy is proud to present a world first The Secrets of Pickpocketing course is the first to cover both t...

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P.O.W.A. - The Book

P.O.W.A. - Professional Opportunist Wrongless Approach William Shakespeare, in "As You Like It" wrote, “All th...

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Powa Tribe

Double your gigs in 30 days without relying on more tricks or supernatural talent by learning everything that's missi...

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"Absolutely amazing! A blend of skills learned only through application. I've never seen anything like this before in my life"

Wayne Marsh

"I am so happy I got this! This course is so well done and James' teaching is clear, funny and professional. It's an online adventure!!"

Jay Di Biase

"This is next level, amazing material.  I'd go so far as to say it's a cut above anything anyone's ever done with hypnosis."

C Seaton

"You have really taken the time to deliver the goods! Everything is explained and easy to follow. Thank you for this wonderful product."

M Kirsch

"Both Secrets of Pickpocketing & Reality Bending are fantastic products and come highly recommended!"

Ning Cai

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